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Headteacher statement January 2022

Dear Parents and carers
Welcome back to Nursery and Preschool and Happy 2022.  Let's hope that this year brings many positive opportunities for us all and especially for our children.
Please can we take this opportunity to remind you of the measures that we are directed to take to keep safe and manage ourselves during the ongoing pandemic.
On Nursery school site we only have a single entrance and appreciate that you often want to speak with your child's keyworker as you leave them or collect them.  We are trying our utmost to facilitate this as we did prior to Christmas break.  Please continue to work with us to ensure that we meet the government's directives.
We can only have a small number of parents in the building at a time and you have all been fantastic in support of this.  Let's keep it up and continue to work together.
Please remember to wear a mask when you enter the school building from outside.  The member of staff on the outside door will be able to help you if you don't have a mask or are exempt. 
Remember to let us know if your child is unwell and has any symptoms that relate to the COVID virus or you have positive cases in your immediate family/direct contacts.
We do appreciate that these systems can be time-consuming and inconvenient but we are doing our best to keep providing you all with an open school and the very best care for your children.  Thank you to our families who are so considerate and understanding of this. 


Warmest wishes



Lesley Harris

Head Teacher