Welcome to Weoley Castle Nursery School, Preschool & Early Learning Hub

Our Vision

Our aim is to build and sustain a learning community with Weoley Castle Nursery School at its heart. A safe, forward thinking, welcoming and nurturing place where emotional well-being is a high priority, each individual is included and valued for what they know and can do and everyone is encouraged to develop to their full potential. We wish for all of us a spirit of optimism, curiosity and wonder, an enquiring mind and respect for themselves, others and their world - building brighter futures for everyone.

The High/Scope Approach

High/Scope at Weoley is a way of life for adults and children alike. We have developed a learning environment that nurtures creativity and independent learning, a daily routine that creates a safe frame in which to explore, take risks and construct your own knowledge. Assessment is relevant and informs all planning, it is interesting, honest, open and reflective. Children, staff and families enjoy sharing learning journeys. Essential to the approach is the genuine and supportive relationships which are established through the interaction mode