Celebration Evenings

 Head Teachers Message:

"Thank you for coming along to our parent’s celebration evening and sharing with us your child’s progress and development.  It was so lovely to be able to share time with each of you and listen to your thoughts and feelings about your child’s development.   Your enthusiasm and encouragement for our nursery school and the way in which you value and appreciate how we work with your children and yourselves is wonderful to hear.  100% of families were very satisfied with our school and would highly recommend us to others.

We agree with you all that your children are making excellent progress and really enjoying their learning.  It was good to hear that the children are excited and motivated by our weekly visits to our outdoor urban garden at Acorn Wood and how much you feel they are learning in maths and literacy.   You really value the social aspects of nursery school life and the friendships your children are making.  You feel confident and assured that your children are safe and well looked after whilst at school and this means you know we are doing our job of safeguarding our children well and keeping you informed. 

It is good to hear that you feel our staff team are welcoming, approachable, supportive and always there to help and offer advice.

We really appreciate your feedback and look forward to the rest of the year, working together to ensure that all of our children enjoy their early education and achieve to their full potential."

Kindest Regards



Head Teacher/Head of Centre


Animal Man

The animal man is coming back to visit us - It gives the children the chance to learn about animals from all around the world. Simon makes learning about these exotic creatures a fun filled experience. The children will be    getting close to some creepy crawlies.